United Kingdom: The Territorial Army 1947
v.1.0 March 10, 2002

Graham Watson

The Territorial Army was reformed in 1947 as Britain’s part-time reserve army.  The organisation and structure of the TA which was established in 1947 largely remained in being until the TA was disbanded in 1967.

The TA was given three roles.  The provision of reserve field formations-divisions and brigades-which had been its main purpose since 1908 was continued.  Six infantry divisions, two armoured divisions, an airborne division, and several independent brigades were formed. One of those brigades was formed in Northern Ireland-the first TA presence in that province.  From 1935, the TA had provided the bulk of the forces allotted to Anti-Aircraft Command, and this commitment was continued and extended in 1947. Experience of military operations in the Second World War had underlined the need for more specialised troops at corps, army and line of communication level. For this purpose, the reformed TA provided a large number of artillery, engineers, signals and logistic units.

For administration purposes, the field formations and the new army/corps/line of communication units were divided between the geographic commands of the UK-Eastern, London, Northern, Northern Ireland, Scottish, Southern and Western.  Each command had a mixture of regular and reserve units within its boundaries.   Anti-Aircraft Command covered the whole of the UK and operated as a partner to the RAF’s Fighter Command.

After 1947, the TA underwent several major re-organisations before 1947.  Some of the units listed below had a very short-existence as the ambitious order of battle could not be sustained by the level of recruitment.  From 1948 until 1961 TA units were made up of part-time volunteers and conscripts retained in the reserves after two years in the regular army.

Between 1948 and 1953 many line of communications units were transferred to what became known as the Army Emergency Reserve.  AER units had a paper existence as they were composed of reservists whose civilian skills and occupations could be transferred directly to military use; eg, telephone engineers, dock workers, policemen etc.  Anti-Aircraft Command was disbanded in 1955 and this resulted in a major re-organisation of the TA in 1956. With the abolition of conscription, another major re-organisation took place in 1961.  The TA was disbanded in 1967 when, in a change of policy, the British government decided that the only reserves needed where those required to fill out the regular army’s order of battle: a force of support and logistic units rather than front-line units.

The following orbat reflects the TA as formed in 1947 and is divided into the various commands.  Within each command, there is a list of the army/corps/line of communications units, followed by divisions and brigades.  The location of the HQ of each unit is given.

In the process of reformation in 1947 many units were re-titled and re-roled and so lost their pre 1939 identities.


89 (Field) AGRA  [Army Group Royal Artillery], London

286 Field Regiment, St Albans

299 Field Regiment, Aylesbury

304 Field Regiment, Chelmsford

306 Field Regiment, Bedford

308 Field Regiment, Bury St Edmund

358 Field Regiment, Ipswich

98 (AA) AGRA, Chelmsford

389 LAA Regiment, Swaffham

629 HAA Regiment, Cambridge

646 HAA Regiment, Chelmsford

99 (AA) AGRA, Southborough

258 HAA Regiment, Eastbourne

313 HAA Regiment, Worthing

344 LAA Regiment, Brighton

645 LAA Regiment, Aylesbury

648 HAA Regiment, Hackney

674 HAA Regiment, Stonechat Hill

101 Coast Brigade, Dover

410 Coast Regiment RA, Dover

411 Coast Regiment RA, Brighton

415 Coast Regiment RA, Gravesend

418 Coast Regiment RA, Harwich

419 Coast Regiment RA, Harwich

25 Engineer Group, Colchester

120 Construction Regiment RE, Gravesend

122 Field Engineer Regiment, Cambridge

134 Construction Regiment, Loughborough

2/20 Army Signal Regiment, Wanstead

61 HQ Signal Regiment, Bedford

23 (Southern) Corps RASC, Ilford

101 Tank Transporter Column RASC,

105 Transport Column RASC, Barking

23 Ordnance Field Park, Chelsea

23 Corps Workshops REME

6 (Eastern) General Hospital

24 (Eastern) Field Dressing Station

163 (East Anglian) Field Dressing Station, Norwich

4 (Eastern) Casualty Clearing Station


44 (Home Counties) INFANTRY DIVISION

The Northamptonshire Yeomanry, Northampton

257 Field Regiment, Brighton

264 Field Regiment, Fulham

297 Field Regiment, Maidstone

298 Field Regiment, Clapham

381 Anti-tank Regiment, Wimbledon

119 Field Engineer Regiment, Eastbourne

44 Divisional Signal Regiment, Hounslow

44 Divisional RASC, Croydon

44 Ordnance Field Park

44 Divisional REME

44 Divisional RAMC

47 (London) Infantry Brigade

7 Bn Middlesex Regiment, Hornsey

Queen Victoria’s Rifles, Westminster

Queen’s Westminsters, Westminster

131 (Surrey) Infantry Brigade

5 Bn Queen’s Regiment, Guildford

6 Bn Queen’s Regiment, Bermondsey

6 Bn East Surrey Regiment, Surbiton

133 (Kent & Sussex) Infantry Brigade

4/5 Bn The Buffs, Canterbury

4/5 Bn Royal Sussex Regiment, Worthing

4/5 Bn Royal West Kent Regiment, Tonbridge

161 Independent Infantry Brigade

4 Bn Royal Norfolk Regiment, Norwich

4 Bn Suffolk Regiment, Ipswich

4 Bn Essex Regiment, Ilford

161 Brigade Signals, Cambridge

161 Brigade RASC

161 Brigade Workshop

162 Independent Infantry Brigade

5 Bn Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment, Bedford

1 Bn Hertfordshire Regiment, Hertford

5 Bn Northamptonshire Regiment, Peterborough

162 Brigade Signals, Hertford

162 Brigade RASC

162 Brigade Workshop


97 (AA) AGRA

265 HAA Regiment, Grove Park

353 HAA Regiment, Islington

622 HAA Regiment, Walworth

625 Searchlight Regiment, Paddington

656 LAA Regiment, Bow

27 Engineer Group, Chelsea

114 Army Engineer Regiment, Bethnal Green

121 Construction Regiment, Chelsea

GHQ Signal Reporting Regiment, Kensington

1 Special Communications Unit, Clapham

23 (Southern) Corps Signal Regiment, Fulham

51 HQ LoC Signal Regiment, Clapham

10 (London) General Hospital

17 (London) General Hospital

57 (Middlesex) General Hospital

8 (London) Hygiene Company RAMC



Inns of Court Yeomanry

1st Honourable Artillery Company Regiment, Finsbury

290 Field Regiment, Bloomsbury

263 Anti-tank Regiment, Brixton

624 LAA Regiment, Streatham

101 Engineer Regiment, Chelsea

56 (London)Armoured Divisional Signal Regiment, Chelsea

56 (London) Divisional RASC

56 (London) Divisional RAOC

56 (London) Divisional REME, Slough

56 (London) Divisional RAMC

22 Armoured Brigade

City of London Yeomanry

Westminster Dragoons

3rd County of London Yeomanry

42nd Royal Tank Regiment

168 Lorried Infantry Brigade

8 Bn Royal Fusiliers, Bloomsbury

London Rifle Brigade/Rangers, Finsbury

London Scottish, Westminster

London Irish Rifles, Chelsea


[ NB –although headquartered in London this division had units nationwide]

North Somerset Yeomanry, Bath

285 Airborne Light Regiment, Stratford

291 Airborne Field Regiment, Lewisham

292 Airborne Anti-tank Regiment, Kensington

131 Airborne Engineer Regiment, Kingsbury

16 Airborne Divisional Signal Regiment, Uxbridge

16 (Lincoln) Independent Parachute Company, Lincoln

16 Airborne Divisional RASC

16 Airborne Divisional RAOC

16 Airborne Divisional REME

16 Airborne Divisional RAMC

4 Parachute Brigade 

10 (London) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Chelsea

11 (Middlesex) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Hounslow

14 (Hampshire) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Southampton

5 Parachute Brigade

12 (Yorkshire) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Pudsey

13 (Lancashire) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Liverpool

18 (Warwickshire) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Aston

6 Parachute Brigade 

15 (Scottish) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Glasgow

16 (Welsh) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Cardiff

17 (Durham LI) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Gateshead


9 Independent Armoured Brigade 

Leicestershire Yeomanry, Leicester

Sherwood Rangers, Newark

Warwickshire Yeomanry, Coventry

43rd Royal Tank Regiment, Newcastle

7 Bn Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Coventry

9 Armoured Brigade Signals, Rugby

86 (Field) AGRA, Nottingham

268 Field Regiemnt, Birmingham

307 Field Regiment RHA, Nottingham

315 Medium Regiment, Leicester

350 Heavy Regiment, Nottingham

377 Observation Regiment, Durham

103 Coast Brigade, Darlington

404 Coast Regiment, North Shields

405 Coast Regiment, Blyth

422 Coast Regiment, Hull

423 Coast Regiment, Hull

426 Coast Regiment, West Hartlepool

427 Coast Regiment, West Hartlepool

21 Engineer Group, Sheffield

118 Construction Regiment, Middlesbrough

129 Field Engineer Regiment, Leeds

22 Engineer Group, Gateshead

104 Army Engineer Regiment, Newcastle

105 Construction Regiment, Gateshead

132 Field Engineer Regiment, Sunderland

51 Air Formation Signal Regiment, Leeds

21 (North Midland) Corps Signal Regiment, Derby

21 Corps RASC, Birmingham

103 (West Riding) Tank Transporter Column RASC, Leeds

111 Transport Column RASC, Newcastle

21 Ordnance Field Park, Nottingham

21 HQ REME & Workshop,

1 (Northern) General Hospital

22 (Northern) Field Dressing Station

137 (Northern) Field Dressing Station

3 (Northern) Casualty Clearing Station

18 (Northern) Casualty Clearing Station


49 (West Riding & North Midland) ARMOURED DIVISION

Derbyshire Yeomanry, Derby

269 Field Regiment, Leeds

270 Field Regiment, Bradford

382 Anti-tank Regiment, Halifax

323 LAA Regiment, Sheffield

106 Engineer Regiment, Sheffield

49 Armoured Divisional Signal Regiment, Leeds

49 Armoured Divisional RASC

49 Ordnance Field Park

49 Armoured Divisional REME

49 Armoured Divisional RAMC

8 (Yorkshire) Armoured Brigade

Yorkshire Hussars, York

Yorkshire Dragoons, Doncaster

East Riding Yeomanry, Hull

45/51 Royal Tank Regiment, Leeds

147 (Midland) Lorried Infantry Brigade

4/6 Bn Royal Lincolnshire Regiment, Lincoln

4/5 Bn Royal Leicestershire Regiment, Loughborough

5 Bn Sherwood Foresters, Derby

8 Bn Sherwood Foresters, Retford

5/6 Bn North Staffordshire Regiment, Burton-on-Trent

50th (Northumbrian) INFANTRY DIVISION 

Northumberland Hussars, Newcastle

43rd Royal Tank Regiment, Newcastle

271 Field Regiment, Sheffield

272 Field Regiment, Newcastle

274 Field Regiment, South Shields

631 Anti-tank Regiment, Scarborough

588 LAA Regiment, Walker on Tyne

103 Engineer Regiment, Newcastle

50 Divisional Signal Regiment, Darlington

50 Divisional RASC, Hull

50 Ordnance Field Park

50 Divisional REME

50 Divisional RAMC

146 (West Riding) Infantry Brigade

5 Bn West Yorkshire Regiment, York

7 Bn Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, Milnsbridge

4/5 Bn Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Wakefield

Hallamshire Battalion, Sheffield

149 (Northumberland) Infantry Brigade

4 Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, Hexham

7 Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, Alnwick

8 Bn Durham Light Infantry, Durham

151 (Yorkshire & Durham) Infantry Brigade

4 Bn East Yorkshire Regiment, Hull

4 Bn Green Howards, Northallerton

6 Bn Durham Light Infantry, Bishop Auckland


North Irish Horse, Belfast

429 Coast Regiment, Carrickfergus

112 Transport Column RASC

51 AA Brigade

245 HAA Regiment, Belfast

246 HAA Regiment, Londonderry

247 LAA Regiment, Belfast

248 LAA Regiment, Belfast

502 HAA Regiment, Belfast

35 Independent AA Signal Sqn

107 (Ulster) Independent Infantry Brigade

661 Field Regiment, Bangor

591 Field Sqn RE, Bangor

107 Brigade Signal Sqn, Belfast

5 Bn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Londonderry

6 Bn Royal Ulster Rifles, Belfast

5 Bn Royal Irish Fusiliers, Armagh

601 Company RASC

107 Brigade RAOC

107 Brigade REME

107 Field Ambulance














Fife & Forfar Yeomanry, Cupar

30 (Lowland) Independent Armoured Brigade

Ayrshire Yeomanry, Ayr

Glasgow Yeomanry, Glasgow

Lanarkshire Yeomanry, Lanark

Lothians & Border Horse, Edinburgh

30 Armoured Brigade Signal Sqn, Glasgow

30 Armoured Brigade RASC

30 Field Dressing Station

84 (Field) AGRA, Aberdeen

276 Field Regiment, Dundee

328 Medium Regiment, Pollokshaws

356 Medium Regiment, Peterhead

362 Medium Regiment, Montrose

402 Anti-tank Regiment, Greenock

85 (Field) AGRA, Glasgow

279 Field Regiment, Irvine

280 Medium Regiment, Glasgow

330 Medium Regiment, Troon

357 Medium Regiment, Edinburgh

105 Coast Brigade, Edinburgh

407 Coast Regiment, Dumbarton

412 Coast Regiment, Cromarty

413 Coast Regiment, Kirkcaldy

414 Coast Regiment, Edinburgh

416 Coast Regiment, Port Glasgow

417 Coast Regiment, Greenock

430 Coast Regiment, Kirkwall

20 Engineer Brigade, Renfrew

102 Construction Regiment, Renfrew

126 Army Engineer Regiment, Dundee

50 HQ LoC Signal Regiment, Glasgow

60 HQ Signal Regiment, Edinburgh

26 (Scottish) Independent Infantry Brigade

4/5 Bn Black Watch, Dundee

6/7 Bn Black Watch, Perth

26 Brigade Signals, Dundee

155 (Lowland) Independent Infantry Brigade

7/9 Bn Royal Scots, Edinburgh

8 Bn Royal Scots, Edinburgh

4 Bn Kings Own Scottish Borderers, Galashiels

5 Bn Kings Own Scottish Borderers, Dumfries

155 Brigade Signal Sqn

264 (Scottish) Beach Brigade

124 Engineer Regiment, Rutherglen

264 Beach Brigade Signal Sqn, Barrhead

264 Brigade RASC

106 (Scottish) Transport Column RASC

2 (Scottish) General Hospital

4 (Scottish) General Hospital

5 (Scottish) General Hospital



The Scottish Horse, Dunkeld

275 Field Regiment, Aberdeen

277 Field Regiment, Greenock

278 Field Regiment, Edinburgh

254 Anti-tank Regiment, Dumbarton

117 Engineer Regiment, Aberdeen

51/52 Divisional Signal Regiment, Aberdeen

51/52 Divisional RASC

51/52 Ordnance Field Park

51/52 Divisional REME

51/52 Divisional RAMC

153 (Highland) Infantry Brigade

11 Bn Seaforth Highlanders, Golspie

4/5 Bn Cameron Highlanders, Invernes

Lovat Scouts, Beauly

4/7 Bn Gordon Highlanders, Aberdeen

5/6 Bn Gordon Highlanders, Bucksburn

154 (Highland) Infantry Brigade

7 Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, Stirling

8 Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, Dunoon

157 (Lowland) Infantry Brigade

4/5 Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers, Ayr

6 Bn Cameronians, Glasgow

7 Bn Cameronians, Glasgow

5/6 Bn Highland Light Infantry, Glasgow

The Glasgow Highlanders, Glasgow


Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, Gloucester

44th/50th Royal Tank Regiment, Bristol

90 (Field) AGRA, Newbury

312 Medium Regiment, Bristol

341 Medium Regiment, Sherborne

345 Medium Regiment, Newbury

346 Medium Regiment, Windsor

91 (Field) AGRA, Taunton

255 Medium Regiment, Yeovil

342 Medium Regiment, Bideford

628 Heavy Regiment, Barnstaple

630 Medium Regiment, Taunton

633 Super Heavy Regiment, Midsomer Norton

100 (AA) AGRA, Winchester

295 HAA Regiment, Winchester

642 LAA Regiment, Bournemouth

651 LAA Regiment, Swindon

667 HAA Regiment, Aldershot

376 Observation Regiment RA, Bristol

102 Coast Brigade, Plymouth

406 Coast Regiment, Southampton

407 Coast Regiment, Plymouth

408 Coast Regiment, Plymouth

409 Coast Regiment, Falmouth

421 Coast Regiment, Weymouth

428 Coast Regiment, Newport, IoW

26 Engineer Group, Salisbury

111 Field Engineer Regiment, Bristol

115 Construction Regiment, Fareham

116 Army Engineer Regiment, Devonport

1/20 Army Signal Regiment, Birmingham

63 HQ Signal Regiment, Salisbury

104 Transport Column RASC, Taunton?

110 Transport Column RASC, Birmingham

9 (Southern) General Hospital

16 (Oxfordshire) General Hospital

23 (Southern) Field Dressing Station

11 (Southern) Casualty Clearing Station




Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry, Swindon

294 Field Regiment, Sherborne

296 Field Regiment, Exeter

387 Field Regiment, Oxford

383 Anti-tank Regiment, Portsmouth

396 LAA Regiment, Devonport

110 Engineer Regiment, Bath

43 Divisional Signal Regiment, Taunton

43 Divisional RASC

43 Ordnance Field Park

43 Divisional REME

43 Divisional RAMC

128 Infantry Brigade

4 Bn Royal Hampshire Regiment, Winchester

4 Bn Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, Oxford

4th/6th Bn Royal Berkshire Regiment, Reading

129 Infantry Brigade

4 Bn Somerset Light Infantry, Bath

5 Bn Gloucestershire Regiment, Gloucester

4 Bn Wiltshire Regiment, Trowbridge

130 (West Country) Infantry Brigade

4 Bn Devonshire Regiment, Exeter

5 Bn Devonshire Regiment, Plymouth

4/5 Bn Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, Truro

4 Bn Dorsetshire Regiment, Dorchester

















23 Independent Armoured Brigade

Cheshire Yeomanry, Chester

Staffordshire Yeomanry, Stafford

40th Royal Tank Regiment, Bootle

41st Royal Tank Regiment, Oldham

23 Armoured Brigade Signal Sqn, Chester

The Liverpool Scottish, Liverpool

87 (Field) AGRA, Liverpool

287 Medium Regiment, Liverpool

336 Medium Regiment, Liverpool

351 Medium Regiment, Stoke

359 Medium Regiment, Liverpool

368 Medium Regiment, Liverpool

88 (Field) AGRA, Shrewsbury

261 Observation Regiment RA, Stoke

267 Medium Regiment, Worcester

300 Anti-tank Regiment, Kidderminster

361 Medium Regiment, Colwyn Bay

639 Heavy Regiment, Stourbridge

92 (AA) AGRA, Coventry

320 HAA Regiment, Birmingham

321 HAA Regiment, Leeds

582 LAA Regiment, Sunderland

623 LAA Regiment, Coventry

673 HAA Regiment, Halifax

93 (AA) AGRA, Preston

337 HAA Regiment, Blackpool

597 LAA Regiment, Preston

633 LAA Regiment, Rochdale

640 HAA Regiment, Workington

94 (AA) AGRA, Prestwich

310 LAA Regiment, Manchester

349 HAA Regiment, Hoylake

634 LAA Regiment, Salford

644 LAA/SL Regiment, Warrington

652 HAA Regiment, Wigan

95 (AA) AGRA, Newport, Mon.

390 LAA Regiment, Liverpool

635 LAA Regiment, Carnarvon

636 LAA Regiment, Newtown

637 LAA Regiment, Abergavenny

666 LAA/SL Regiment, Brierly Hill

672 HAA Regiment, Langley

96 (AA) AGRA, Liverpool

533 LAA/SL Regiment, Liverpool

626 HAA Regiment, Liverpool

653 HAA Regiment, Liverpool

104 Coast Brigade, Wirral

309 Coast Regiment, Workington

420 Coast Regiment, Liverpool

424 Coast Regiment, Pembroke Dock

425 Coast Regiment, Pembroke Dock

664 Coast Regiment, Cardiff

665 Coast Regiment, Newport

671 Coast Regiment, Swansea

23 Engineer Group, Hereford

107 Field Engineer Regiment, St Helens

109 Construction Regiment, Cardiff

125 Army Field Regiment, Cannock

127 Construction Regiment, Smethwick

24 Engineer Group, Liverpool

112 Construction Regiment, Birmingham

113 Assault Engineer Regiment, Birkenhead

128 Field Engineer Regiment, Liverpool

130 Construction Regiment, Liverpool

133 Construction Regiment, Manchester

50 Air Formation Signal Regiment, Chester

62 HQ Signal Regiment, Chester

22 Corps Signal Regiment, Southport

22 Corps RASC, Southport

102 Amphibious Transport Column RASC, Birkenhead

107 Transport Column, Manchester

108 Transport Column, Shropshire

109 Transport Column, West Wales

22 Ordnance Field Park, Ormskirk

22 Corps HQ REME, Manchester

3 (Western) General Hospital

7 (Western) General Hospital

8 (Western) General Hospital

23 (Western) Field Ambulance

166 (Western) Field Dressing Station

12 (Western) Casualty Clearing Station

165 (Western/Border) Casualty Clearing Station


Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry, Wigan

251 Field Regiment, Carlisle

252 Field Regiment, Manchester

253 Field Regiment, Bolton

380 Anti-tank Regiment, Ulverston

288 LAA Regiment, Preston

123 Engineer Regiment, Manchester

42 Divisional Signal Regiment, Manchester

42 Divisional RASC

42 Ordnance Field Park

42 Divisional REME

42 Divisional RAMC

125 (West Lancashire & Cheshire) Infantry Brigade

5 Bn Lancashire Fusiliers, Bury

5 Bn King’s Regiment, Liverpool

4 Bn South Lancashire Regiment, Warrington

126 (North Lancashire) Infantry Brigade 

5 Bn King’s Own Royal Regiment, Lancaster

4 Bn Border Regiment, Kendal

5 Bn Loyal Regiment, Bolton

127 (East Lancashire) Infantry Brigade

4 Bn East Lancashire Regiment, Blackburn

8 Bn Manchester Regiment, Ardwick

9 Bn Manchester Regiment, Ashton


Shropshire Yeomanry, Shrewsbury

281 Field Regiment, Port Talbot

283 Field Regiment, Newport

302 Field Regiment, Haverfordwest

384 Anti-tank Regiment, Rhyl

638 LAA Regiment, Brecon

108 Engineer Regiment, Swansea

53 Divisional Signal Regiment, Cardiff

53 Division RASC

53 Ordnance Field Park

53 Division REME

53 Division RAMC

158 (Royal Welch Fusiliers) Infantry Brigade 

4 Bn Cheshire Regiment, Birkenhead

7 Bn Cheshire Regiment, Macclesfield

4 Bn Royal Welch Fusiliers, Wrexham

159 (Welsh Border) Infantry Brigade 

7 Bn Worcestershire Regiment, Kidderminster

4 Bn Kings Shropshire Light Infantry, Shrewsbury

1 Bn Herefordshire Light Infantry, Hereford

160 (South Wales) Infantry Brigade

2 Bn Monmouthshire Regiment, Pontypool

4 Bn Welch Regiment, Llanelli

5 Bn Welch Regiment, Pontypridd


The Command was divided into five geographic groups, each of which commanded a variable number of AA brigades. Each group and brigade had an allocation of signals, supply & transport, and maintenance units.  Although a number of regular AA regiments served within the command, the bulk of the AA regiments were formed by the TA.  Many regiments contained personnel from the Women’s Royal Army Corps.

1ST AA GROUP, London

11 AA (Mixed) Signal Regiment, Kensington

1 AA Group (North) Transport Column RASC

1 AA Group (South) Transport Column RASC

1 AA Ordnance Company

6 AA Workshop Bn REME

52 AA Brigade, Chingford

459 HAA Regiment, Walthamstow

482 HAA Regiment, Barking

512 LAA Regiment, Pentonville

568 SL Regiment, St Pancras

599 HAA Regiment, Chingford

609 HAA Regiment, Tottenham

53 AA Brigade, Dover

259 HAA Regiment, Shorncliffe

489 HAA Regiment, Ramsgate

516 LAA Regiment, Sittingbourne

54 AA Brigade, Gillingham

455 HAA Regiment, Tunbridge Wells

458 HAA Regiment, Sidcup

564 LAA/SL Regiment, Gillingham

55 AA Brigade, Barking

517 LAA Regiment, Dagenham

563 SL Regiment, Whipps Cross

600 HAA Regiment, East Ham

63 AA Brigade, London NW1

461 HAA Regiment, Finchley

484 HAA Regiment, Willesden

490 HAA Regiment, Southgate

64 AA Brigade, Clapham

451 HAA Regiment, Chelsea

497 HAA Regiment, Hammersmith

499 HAA Regiment, Kensington

562 SL Regiment/London Electrical Engineers

570 LAA Regiment, Dulwich

67 AA Brigade, Shepherds Bush

452 HAA Regiment, Acton

453 HAA Regiment, Shepherds Bush

454 HAA Regiment, Putney

488 HAA Regiment, White City

607 SL Regiment, Twickenham

608 HAA Regiment, Bexleyheath

75 AA Brigade, London SE3

2 Honouraable Artillery Company LAA Regiment, Finsbury

460 HAA Regiment, Catford

566 LAA Regiment, Sutton

567 SL Regiment, Shoreditch

569 SL Regiment, Blackheath

82 AA Brigade, Heston

479 HAA Regiment, Barnet

571 LAA/SL Regiment, Edgeware

593 HAA Regiment, Harrow

595 LAA Regiment, Kingsbury

604 SL Regiment, Wembley

610 LAA Regiment, Cowley

106 AA Brigade, Kingston

536 LAA Regiment, Chertsey

565 LAA/SL Regiment, Kingston

598 LAA Regiment, Croydon

605 SL Regiment, Brighton

641 HAA Regiment, Worthing

NB 1st AA GROUP had the following regular units under command:

1 AA Brigade, Edenbridge

   30 LAA Regiment

   90 LAA Regiment

   95 HAA Regiment

6 AA Brigade, Brentwood

   57 HAA Regiment

 100 HAA Regiment

 107 HAA Regiment

7 AA Brigade, Orsett

  85 LAA Regiment

  89 HAA Regiment

  99 HAA Regiment

11 AA Brigade, Shoeburyness

  63 HAA Regiment

  75 HAA Regiment

  99 HAA Regiment

15 AA Brigade, Woolwich

  101 HAA Regiment

  102 HAA Regiment

  103 HAA Regiment      

2ND AA GROUP, Aldershot

12 AA (Mxd) Signal Regiment, Bristol

2 AA Group (East) Transport Column RASC, Reading

2 AA Group (West) Transport Column RASC, Bristol

2 AA Ordnance Company

7 AA Workshop Bn REME

61 AA Brigade, Fareham

393 HAA Regiment, Southampton

525 LAA Regiment, Bournemouth

535 LAA Regiment, Eastleigh

71 AA Brigade, Cardiff

282 HAA Regiment, Cardiff

520 LAA Regiment, Cardiff

534 LAA Regiment, Swansea

602 HAA Regiment, Cardiff

603 HAA Regiment, Newport

72 AA Brigade, Bristol

266 HAA Regiment, Bristol

498 HAA Regiment, Cheltenham

523 LAA Regiment, Moreton in the Marsh

601 HAA Regiment, Bristol

73 AA Brigade, Reading

457 HAA Regiment, Portsmouth

480 HAA Regiment, Reading

583 HAA Regiment, Portsmouth

81 AA Brigade, Plymouth

256 LAA Regiment, Exeter

456 HAA Regiment, Redruth

668 HAA Regiment, Plymouth

NB 2nd AA GROUP hd the following regular units under command:

5 AA Brigade,  Aldershot???

44 SL Regiment

77 HAA Regiment

78 SL Regiment

97 HAA Regiment


10 AA Brigade, Fareham

86 HAA Regiment

93 HAA Regiment

110 HAA Regiment

14 AA Brigade, Bristol

24 LAA Regiment

90 HAA Regiment

3RD AA GROUP, Edinburgh

13 AA (Mxd) Signal Regiment, Edinburgh

3 AA Group Transport Column RASC, Edinburgh

3 AA Ordnance Company

8 AA Workshop Bn REME

56 AA Brigade, Sunderland

325 LAA Regiment, Sunderland

463 HAA Regiment, Sunderland

485 HAA Regiment, Middlesbrough

589 SL Regiment, Stockton

590 LAA Regiment, West Hartlepool

654 LAA Regiment, Bishop Auckland

62 AA Brigade, South Queensferry

494 HAA Regiment, Edinburgh

514 LAA Regiment, Linlithgow

519 LAA Regiment, Edinburgh

532 LAA Regiment, Falkirk

587 LAA Regiment, Edinburgh

68 AA Brigade, Glasgow

500 HAA Regiment, Hamilton

518 LAA Regiment, Glasgow

554 LAA Regiment, Milngavie

558 HAA Regiment, Wishaw

77 AA Brigade, Glasgow

474 HAA Regiment, Glasgow

483 HAA Regiment, Glasgow

591 LAA Regiment, Glasgow

592 LAA Regiment, Glasgow

78 AA Brigade, Perth

471 HAA Regiment, Dunfermline

501 HAA Regiment, Aberdeen

531 LAA Regiment, Perth

540 LAA Regiment, Inverness

586 LAA Regiment, Dundee

83 AA Brigade, Newcastle

324 HAA Regiment, Gosforth

464 HAA Regiment, Whitley Bay

487 HAA Regiment, Hebburn

537 LAA Regiment, Tynemouth

669 LAA Regiment, South Shields

670 LAA Regiment, Newcastle

NB- 3rd AA GROUP had the following regular units under command-

12 AA Brigade, South Queensferry

42 LAA Regiment   

69 HAA Regiment

82 HAA Regiment

4TH AA GROUP, Warrington

14 AA (Mxd) Signal Regiment, Warrington

4 AA Group (North) Transport Column RASC, Liverpool

4 AA Group (South) Transport Column RASC, Sutton Coldfield

4 AA Ordnance Company

9 AA Workshop Bn REME

59 AA Brigade, Liverpool

360 HAA Regiment, Stockport

493 HAA Regiment, Birkenhead

515 LAA Regiment, Isle of Man

521 LAA Regiment, Chester

596 LAA Regiment, St Helens

70 AA Brigade, Salford

293 LAA Regiment, Burnley

465 HAA Regiment, Manchester

556 HAA Regiment, Manchester

574 HAA Regiment, Salford

606 HAA Regiment, Manchester

74 AA Brigade, Stoke on Trent  

473 HAA Regiment, West Bromwich

576 LAA/SL Regiment, Stoke

643 LAA Regiment, Wolverhampton

79 AA Brigade, Liverpool

306 HAA Regiment, Liverpool

470 HAA Regiment, Liverpool

573 HAA Regiment, Liverpool

525 LAA Regiment, Liverpool

655 LAA Regiment, Liverpool

80 AA Brigade, Sutton Coldfield

469 HAA Regiment, Kings Heath

495 HAA Regiment, Sheldon

580 HAA Regiment, Birmingham

594 LAA Regiment, Birmingham

NB –4th AA GROUP had the following regular units under command-

9 AA Brigade, Wirral

21 HAA Regiment

79 HAA Regiment

88 HAA Regiment

5TH AA GROUP, Nottingham

15 AA (Mxd) Signal Regiment, Darlington

5 AA Group (North) Transport Column RASC

5 AA Group (South) Transport Column RASC

5 AA Ordnance Company

10 AA Workshop Bn REME

57 AA Brigade, Immingham

462 HAA Regiment, Hull

491 HAA Regiment, Harrogate

529 LAA Regiment, Grimsby

539 LAA Regiment, Lincoln

581 HAA Regiment, Scunthorpe

58 AA Brigade, Derby

262 HAA Regiment, Derby

526 HAA Regiment, Derby

528 LAA Regiment, Nottingham

575 SL Regiment, Chesterfield

577 LAA Regiment, Nottingham

65 AA Brigade, Doncaster

467 HAA Regiment, Rotherham

513 LAA Regiment, Sheffield

553 LAA Regiment, Doncaster

557 HAA Regiment, Doncaster

66 AA Brigade, Coltishall

284 HAA Regiment, Great Yarmouth

530 LAA Regiment, Colchester

660 HAA Regiment, Lowestoft

69 AA Brigade, Leeds

466 HAA Regiment, Leeds

496 HAA Regiment, Leeds

538 LAA Regiment, Huddersfield

578 LAA Regiment, Huddersfield

584 HAA Regiment, Bradford

76 AA Brigade, Leicester

522 LAA Regiment, Leamington Spa

527 LAA Regiment, Leicester

579 LAA Regiment, Leicester

585 LAA/SL Regiment, Northampton

NB 5TH AA GROUP had the following regular units under command-

8 AA Brigade, Newcastle

35 LAA Regiment

104 HAA Regiment

109 HAA Regiment

111 HAA Regiment

13 AA Brigade, Coventry

50 HAA Regiment

56 HAA Regiment

60 HAA Regiment

62 LAA Regiment

16 AA Brigade, Norwich

84 SL Regiment

105 HAA Regiment

106 HAA Regiment

17 AA Brigade, Lincoln

43 SL Regiment

65 HAA Regiment

70 HAA Regiment

92 HAA Regiment

108 HAA Regiment


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