US Marine Corps Troop List  Spring 1978
v.1.0 June 2, 2002

Richard A. Rinaldi

Author’s Note: this was copied a number of years ago, but I did not note the source.


FMF Pacific

1st Marine Division California

1st Marines (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

5th Marines (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

7th Marines (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

11th Marines [artillery] (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

Headquarters Battalion

1st Reconnaissance Battalion

1st Engineer Battalion

Divisional Support Group

Communications Support Company

1st Air-Naval Gunfire Liaison Company


3rd Marine Division (-) Okinawa

4th Marines (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

9th Marines (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

12th Marines (-) [artillery] (2nd, 3rd Bns)

Headquarters Battalion

3rd Reconnaissance Battalion (-)

3rd Engineer Battalion

Divisional Support Group

7th Communications Battalion

1st Amphibious Assault Battalion (-)

1st Marine Brigade Hawaii [from 3rd Marine Division]

3rd Marines (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

1st Bn, 12th Marines [artillery]

D Co, 1st Amphibious Assault Battalion

A Co, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion

Brigade Service Support Group


Force Troops, Pacific California [except 1st Radio Bn: Hawaii]

1st Tank Battalion

3rd Amphibious Assault Battalion

1st Howitzer Battery (8”)

two gun-howitzer batteries (155mm)

bridge company

communications battalion

7th Engineer Battalion

7th Motor Transportation Battalion

1st Radio Battalion


1st Marine Air Wing Okinawa and Japan

Marine Aircraft Group 12 VMA-223 (A-4)

VMA-513 (AV-8A Harrier)

VMA-332 (A-6A)

Marine Aircraft Group 15 VMFA-232 (RF-4B)

VMFA-115 (F-4)

Marine Aircraft Group 36 HMM-164 (CH-46F)

HMM-165 (CH-46F)

HML-367 (UH-1E)

HMA-369 (AH-1J)

HMH-462 (CH-53D)

VMGR-152 (KC-130)

VMO-6 (OC-10A Bronco)


3rd Marine Air Wing California

Marine Aircraft Group 13 VMA-214 (A-4)

VMA-311 (A-4)

VMA-211 (A-4)

VMA-242 (A-6A)

Marine Aircraft Group 16 HMM-161 (CH-46F)

HMM-163 (CH-46F)

HMA-169 (AH-1J)

HML-267 (UH-1E)

HMH-361 (CH-53D)

HMH-363 (CH-53D)

VMO-2 (OV-10A Bronco)

Marine Wing Support Group 37 VMGR-352 (KC-130)


 [3rd Marine Air Wing, continued]

2nd Light AA Missile Battalion

Marine Aircraft Group 24 Hawaii

VMFA-212 (F-4)

VMFA-235 (F-4)

HMM-262 (CH-46F)

HMH-463 (CH-53D)


FMF Atlantic

2nd Marine Division North Carolina

2nd Marines (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

6th Marines (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

8th Marines (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

10th Marines [artillery] (1st, 2nd, 3rd Bns)

Headquarters Battalion

Divisional Support Group

2nd Tank Battalion

2nd Amphibious Assault Battalion

2nd Engineer Battalion

2nd Reconnaissance Battalion

Communications support company

Force Troops Atlantic

Two howitzer batteries (8”)

Two gun-howitzer batteries (155mm)

8th Engineer Battalion

2nd Force Reconnaissance Company

8th Motor Transportation Battalion

bridging company

2nd Air-Naval Gunfire Liaison Company

2nd Radio Battalion


2nd Marine Air Wing North and South Carolina

Marine Aircraft Group 14 VMAQ-2 (EA-6A)

VMA-121 (A-6A)

VMA-224 (A-6A)

VMA-533 (A-6A)

VMGR-252 (KC-130)

Marine Aircraft Group 26 HMM-162 (CH-46F)

HMM-261 (CH-46F)

HMM-263 (CH-46F)

HMM-264 (CH-46F)

HMH-462 (CH-53D)

HMH-361 (CH-53D)

Marine Aircraft Group 31 VMFA-122 (F-4)

VMFA-251 (F-4)

VMFA-312 (F-4)

VMFA-333 (F-4)

VMFA-451 (F-4)

Marine Aircraft Group 32 VMA-231 (AV-8A Harrier)

VMA-542 (AV-8A Harrier)

VMA-331 (A-4)

3rd Light AA Missile Battalion




1st Light AA Missile Battalion [assigned to Marine Reserve’s 4th Marine Air Wing]

VMCJ-1 (EA-6A)

VMCJ-2 (EA-6A)


TOE Information


Squadron strengths

Fighter 15

Attack 20; except A-6 are 12

Recon/Observation 18

Transport 12

Helicopters 18-24


USMC Infantry Regiment

Headquarters Company 159

Infantry Battalion (3) 1,041


(Headquarters and Service Company 301)

Battalion HQ: 35

Communications Platoon: 61

Service Platoon: 55

Company HQ: 12

106mm Platoon: 32 [8x106mm recoilless rifles]

Mortar Platoon: 88 [8x81mm mortars]

Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoon: 17

Chaplain Section: 2

Medical Platoon: varies


(Rifle Company [4] 185)

Company HQ: 9

Weapons Platoon: 47

Platoon HQ: 3

MG Section: 22 [6xM60 MG]

Assault Section: 12 [3xM202 LAW]

Mortar Section: 10 [3x60mm mortars]

Rifle Platoon [3]

Platoon HQ: 4

Rifle Squad [3]: 13


Regiment aggregate 3,282


USMC Reconnaissance Battalion

Headquarters and Service Company 127

Reconnaissance Company (4)81

Battalion aggregate 451


USMC Engineer Battalion

Headquarters and Service Company 115

Engineer Support Company 202

Engineer Combat Company (4) 121



Note: Recon Company armed with 3 M60 MG and 78 M16 rifles.