US Strategic Air Command (SAC) 1966
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Bomber wings had 15 bomber and 10 tanker aircraft, missile squadrons, 18 (Titan II) or 50 (Minuteman) silos. ARC LIGHT missions were flown over S. Vietnam to attack VC/PAVN troops.


SRW= Strategic Reconnaissance Wing

SAW= Strategic Air Wing

BW= Bombardment Wing

SMW= Strategic Missile Wing

BS= Bomb Squadron

AREFS= Air Refueling Squadron

SMS= Strategic Missile Squadron



9th SRW (SR-71) Mountain Home AFB, act. 25 June 1966, training on SR-71

100th SRW (U-2; drones) Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona – act. 25 June 1966

2nd Air Force

6th  SAW (B-52E) Walker AFB, New Mexico 
24th BS Inactivated Dec 66

40th BS Inactivated Dec 66

6th AREFS (?)

11th  SAW (B-52E) Altus AFB, Oklahoma

26th  BS

11th AREFS

17th  BW (B-52E) Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
34th  BS

     17th AREFS

28th  BW (B-52D) Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota - ARC LIGHT from Mar/Apr 66
77th  BS

     928th AREFS

70th  BW (B-52E) Clinton-Sherman AFB, Oklahoma
6th  BS

     902nd AREFS

91st  BW (B-52D) Glasgow AFB, Montana
322nd  BS

     91st AREFS

97th  BW (B-52G) Blytheville AFB, Arkansas.

340th  BS

97th AREFS

319th  BW (B-52H) Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota
46th  BS

     905th AREFS

379th  BW (B-52H) Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan
524th  BS

     920th AREFS

410th  BW (B-52H) K I Sawyer AFB, Michigan

644th  BS

307th AREFS

449th  BW (B-52H) Kincheloe AFB, Michigan

716th  BS

449th AREFS (?)

450th  BW (B-52H) Minot AFB, North Dakota

720th  BS

906th AREFS

454th  BW (B-52F in transition to B-52D) Colombus AFB, Mississippi
736th  BS

     454th AREFS

305th  BW (B-58A) Bunker Hill AFB, Ohio

364th  BS

365th  BS

366th  BS

305th AREFS

8th Air Force

42nd  BW (B-52G) Loring AFB, Maine
69th BS

70th  BS, disbanded in 1966

42nd AREFS

68th BW (B-52G) Semour Johnson AFB, North Carolina
51st BS

     68th AREFS (?)

19th  BW (B-52H) Homestead AFB, Florida
28th  BS

     407th AREFS

2nd BW (B-52G) Barksdale AFB, Louisiana
62nd  BS 

     2nd  AREFS

72nd  BW (B-52G) Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico
60th  BS

     72nd AREFS

99th  BW (B-52D) Westover AFB, Massachusetts
346th  BS

348th  BS

99th AREFS

306th  BW (B-52D) McCoy AFB, Florida
367th  BS

     306th AREFS

380th  SAW (B-52G) Plattsburgh AFB, New York
528th  BS 1966. Acquired aircraft from 70 BS/42 BW

     380th AREFS

397th  BW (B-52G) Dow AFB, Maine
596th  BS

     397th AREFS (?)

465th  BW (B-52G) Robins AFB, Georgia
781st  BS

     465th AREFS (?)

484th  BW (B-52D) Turner AFB, Georgia - ARC LIGHT from Mar/Apr 66

824th  BS

484th AREFS (?)

509th  BW (B-52D) Pease AFB, New Hampshire
393rd  BS

     509th AREFS

7th  BW (B-52F) Carswell AFB, Texas – ARC LIGHT until Mar 66
9th  BS

20th  BS


43rd  BW (B-58A) Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

63rd  BS

64th  BS


461st  SW (B-52D) Amarillo AFB, Texas
764th  BS

494th  BW (B-52D) Sheppard AFB, Texas - inactivated 4/2/66
864th  BS, Inactivated 4/2/66

     494th AREFS, Inactivated 4/2/66

416th  BW (B-52G) Griffiss AFB, New York.
668th  BS

     416th AREFS (?)  [See note below]

96th  SAW (B-52E) Dyess AFB, Texas
337th  BS

     96th AREFS (?)

340th  BW (B-52D) Bergstrom AFB, Texas
486th  BS, to 22 BW in 1966.

     340th AREFS

15th Air Force

5th  BW (B-52G) Travis AFB, California
23rd  BS

22nd  BW (B-52D) March AFB, California
2nd  BS

486th  BS



92nd  BW (B-52D) Fairchild AFB, Washington
325th  BS

     92nd AREFS

93rd  BW (B-52D in transition to B-52G) Castle AFB, California
328th  BS

329th  BS

93rd AREFS

320th  BW (B-52F) Mather AFB, California – ARC LIGHT until Mar 66
441st  BS

     320th AREFS (?)

456th  BW (B-52G) Beale AFB, California
744th  BS

     456th AREFS

462nd  SAW (B-52D) Larson AFB, Washington - inactivated 6/25/66
768th  BS. Inactivated 4/2/66

     43rd AREFS

3rd Air Division

4133rd BW (Provisional) Andersen AFB, Guam – est. 1 Feb 1966

     Aircraft assigned from different wings for operation ARC LIGHT (11 aircraft)

4258th SW (KC-135) U-Tapao, Thailand

     Aircraft assigned from different wings supporting ROLLING THUNDER

4252nd  SW (KC-135) Okinawa

     Aircraft assigned from different wings for operation ARC LIGHT

20th Air Force

390th  SMW (Titan II) Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona

            570th SMS

            571st SMS

308th  SMW (Titan II) Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

            373rd SMS

            374th SMS

381st  SMW (Titan II)  McConnell AFB, Kansas.

            532nd SMS

            533rd SMS

455th SMW (Minuteman I) Minot AFB, North Dakota

            740th SMS

            741st SMS

            742nd SMS

90th SMW (Minuteman I) F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming

            319th SMS

            320th SMS

            321st SMS

341st SMW (Minuteman I) Malmstrom AFB, Montana

            10th SMS

            12th SMS

            490th SMS

            564th SMS (Minuteman II)

44th  SMW (Minuteman I) Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota

            66th SMS

            67th SMS

            68th SMS

351st  SMW (Minuteman I) Whiteman AFB, Missouri

            508th SMS

            509th SMS

510th SMS

331st  SMW (Minuteman I) Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota Operational 7 Dec 1966

            446th SMS

            447th SMS

            448th SMS


Note from P. Cox [Added April 26, 2007]

The 4039th Strategic Wing of Strategic Air Command was activated as an associate unit at Griffiss AFB in January 1959. In a effort to perpetuate the lineage of many units with illustrious World War 2 records, SAC devised a program to activate Air Force-controlled units inactivated at the end of World War 2. On Feb.1, 1963, the 4039th Strategic Wing became the 416th Bombardment Wing. Similarly, the 75th BMS, a unit of the 4039th, became the 668th Bombardment Squadron, one of the four squadrons previously assigned to the 416th BG. Therefore, the lineage of the 416th BG of World War 2 was revived and the accomplishments of the 4039th Strategic Wing could not be inherited by the 416th BMW. The 41st Air Refueling Squadron and the 56th Munitions Maintenance Squadron were reassigned to the 416th BMW and retained their designations. The 41st Air Refueling Squadron was activated on Jan.1, 1959, flying the Boeing KC-135 "Stratotanker", to provide aerial refueling for SAC bombers. KC-135A 58-0030 nicknamed "City of Rome" was the first tanker assigned to the 41st AREFS.

The wing's tankers deployed to Clark AB in the Philippines in December 1964 to provide aerial refueling of tactical combat aircraft operating in Southeast Asia. By July, the wing's tankers and crews began supporting B-52s "Arc light" missions. The wing's first bomber crew deployed to the theater in June 1968. At times during this era, more than half of the wing's B-52 crews were on temporary duty in Southeast Asia.



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