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Cox Cable brings you an impressive array of choice when it comes to cable TV, Internet and home phone service. There are individual plans for each, but your biggest deal to be found is through bundle packaging. Choose the 3rd biggest telecommunications provider in America and get quality service you can trust.

High Speed Internet from Cox

Cox Cable TV Brings Technology To Your Home

When you choose Cox Cable, you are voting yes to technology. The TV service itself has an on-screen guide to programming which learns your habits and makes suggestions of what you should watch next. The guide also lets you search for any type of programming you want, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. The Cox DVR lets you record your favorite shows and replay them later, skipping over the commercials as you do so. Apps from Cox Cable allow you to take your lineup on the road.

Cable Internet from Cox

The Perks of Cox Cable TV

An array of channel lineups are waiting for you from Cox Cable TV, so you can be sure that you get the plan that best meets your needs. Select plans provide you with a complimentary HD-DVR to put you in charge of what you watch and when. On Demand also gives you several more thousands of shows to choose from on your terms.

Cox Internet Bundles

The Perks of Cox Cable Internet

Internet service from Cox Cable means that you get the choice of a variety of plans with differing speeds to choose from. Speeds are as high as 150 Mbps, so you can enjoy gaming, streaming video, working via a VPN, online shopping, and more. The exclusive PowerBurst technology keeps your line connected and delivers bursts of speed when needed.

Cox phone service

The Perks of Cox Cable Phone

Cox cable phone service is an all-digital service that is equipped with an array of the best phone features, such as voice mail, caller ID and more. Plans include unlimited calling locally, nationally and to Canada.

Bundle Cox Cable Services For a Single Lower Price

Discover the difference that bundling makes for your home telecommunications needs. While Cox Cable always has impressive, affordable plans for each of the three services, when you put them together in a double play or triple play, you get the best price possible. Enjoy the convenience of only one bill arriving in your mailbox each month.

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