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Whether you are moving or simply looking for something different in cable TV and Internet for your home, we have the one stop solution to make shopping around efficient and fast. Orbat partners with all the big names in cable and Internet to bring you a comprehensive lineup of what is available where you live. And because we don’t represent just one provider, we give you complete details of the different companies, their services and the fine print, so you can compare what each is offering you.

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Find TV and Internet Service Quickly and Easily

Orbat makes shopping for TV and Internet providers in your area quick and easy. You simply input your zip code in our search tool and almost instantly, you have a complete listing of all the cable, fiber, telecommunications and satellite providers servicing your community. Comparing is easy because you get features, plans, channel lineups, pricing details, and customer reviews all in one place. map

Which Providers Offer Cable TV In My Area?

There are multiple cable providers serving your area, even if you are only aware of one. Cable TV is more than just cable TV. On our site, it includes all subscription TV services. That means in addition to Xfinity, Cox Cable, and Spectrum, we also provide you with all the details of satellite TV service such as DIRECTV and DISH, and any Fiber TV services available in your area.

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Do Cable Providers In My Area Also Offer Internet?

Cable providers in your area also offer Internet service. However, when you do a search, we don’t just stop with the cable Internet providers. We give you a comprehensive listing of all the Internet options available in your area. You will get the details of satellite Internet, DSL, fiber and wireless providers. We also highlight which providers offer bundle packages for Internet and TV service together, to help save you money.

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Why Do I Want a Bundle Package?

Bundle packages are offered by most cable providers today because such companies offer both Internet and TV. However, bundle packages are available from almost any provider. Satellite TV service providers often partner with other types of Internet providers such as DSL and fiber in order to bring convenient bundle packaging to customers.

Bundle packages give customers access to the best prices possible on services. They also save you time because you only have one bill to handle each month. When you use Orbat to seek out cable TV and Internet service, we provide prices on each service individually and in bundles so you can see the savings.

What Type of Provider Should I choose?

Selecting a provider for your TV and Internet service can be a challenge. Many companies offer similar services, speeds, channels, and prices. We ensure that you know about all the different options and what makes each stand out from the others. We also share customer reviews of each company with you, so you can see what other consumers just like you think about the service their provider delivers.


Satellite TV is an excellent option for those seeking top rated TV providers. DISH brings you incredible flexibility with its industry-leading Hopper HD-DVR. Experience unparalleled sports programming, including the NFL Sunday Ticket with DIRECTV. Customer service from the nation’s top satellite TV providers is unparalleled.


Cable brings you the best deals on bundling. With Triple Play bundles, you can get TV, Internet and home phone service from the biggest names in cable telecommunications: Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum, to name a few. Enjoy extensive choice in HD programming with cable TV.


Cutting edge Fiber TV brings incredible on-Demand, HD programming, and more to your home. Check out the options from AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, and Verizon for the best in variety and quality.

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We have exactly what you are looking for in home cable TV and Internet service. Use our zip code search tool to find the options available to you. We also offer phone service and home security in many areas. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you set up right in no time.

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